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All about the legend, John Lennon

John Lennon was a great guy. Many followed his music. Few know his whole biography and this is why we are writing this. We want to give you an idea of what his life was like. How well do you know the real John Lennon? If you don’t know a lot, then you have come to the right place.

This man was born on October 9, 1940 as John Winston Ono Lennon. He was the founder of the band named the Beatles which swept through the nation. He was a great song writer and an all more amazing singer. This is what he is well known for.

Born and raised in Liverpool, music was Lennon’s passion. He was always known to be amazed by music. It was something that he loved so it wasn’t a shocker that he was in a band as a teenager. This band was called The Quarrymen. Now, this band into what you now know as the Beatles. They didn’t change the name though until 1960.

By the end of the decade, his family that he knew as the band had broken up. They had gone their own way and that was fine with Lennon. However, Lennon couldn’t shake his passion for music. That was why when the Beatles split, he went about and created his own music. When he went solo, there are many who said that he lost his touch. Others say he surpassed his touch and created music that many could adapt to. It is all in what you like when it comes to his music.

There are many who noticed the antics that Lennon had in his music. He used his music to tell people what he thought about certain issues that are occurring. He moved to New York in 1971. The one thing that many found was that he voiced just how he felt about the Vietnam War.

Some people didn’t always like his music. The President, Richard Nixon was one of the people who didn’t like it. He actually was so annoyed by it and the things he was talking about in his lyrics that Nixon actually tried to have him deported.

For a while, Lennon took a break. During this break, he went to be with family as there were many things that he had to tend to. He came back to the music scene in the year 1980. He had just released yet another solo, but a few days before it was to be released, John Lennon was killed. He was murdered and many say it was by someone who didn’t agree with the rants and raves that were in his music.

Many will remember this man as the music that he and Paul McCartney put together with the Beatles was amazing. Many remember those days and the songs that helped to make this man one of music’s most legendary singers. We can see why as well when you listen to some of his songs. This is what people should know about this man.