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All about the legend, John Lennon

John Lennon is a pop culture icon, as British singer and song writer, in The Beatles with Yoko Ono and by himself. His songs have touched many generations of people and continue to influence the world today. Below are some of John Lennon songs that he wrote and performed, and their meanings. It is important to remember that the meaning of songs are as the artist defines them, much like other art people will see different things within each piece.

Number 9 Dream was written by John Lennon and first issued on recording in 1974 this song was written around the phrase “Ah! Bwakawapousspouss” which is repeated throughout the song. John later commented saying that the phrase does not mean anything particular, that he had heard it in one of his dreams. Although Number 9 Dream never reached number one on the charts, it did reach number nine in the US and number twenty three in the UK, this song did leave quite a little legacy behind. With author David Mitchell naming a novel in honor of Lennon calling it “number9dream” and the popular band R.E.M. covering the song and releasing it as a single in 2007, the Norwegian band A-ha also covered the song as well as Andrea Corr recently.

Imagine is probably John Lennon’s most popular song as a solo artist. Released in 1971 Lennon pointed out that this song centered on the idea that to have a world without any countries or religious beliefs. Not to create chaos but to turn the world into one world with one country as one people in peace. This song had topped charts from the day it was released. It garnered a bunch of coveted awards that every artist would love to hold, getting awards such as “Second best single of all times” and more. Imagine was out on: do not play lists’ around the world after the September 11 attacks in New York; it was not removed for a year.

Life Begins at Forty’s meaning is pretty clear, but it is a sad story. The song was written the year Ringo Starr and John Lennon turned forty, 1980. It was originally meant to be a gift from Lennon to Starr, often thought it was written for Ringo’s style of singing. However Life Begins at Forty was not issued until 1998 in the John Lennon Anthology box set, because of John Lennon’s tragic death. This song is often forgotten because it brings up so many negative emotions and sadness.

Shot at the age of forty by a mentally ill obsessed fan, John Lennon died on December eighth 1980, right as he believed his real life just began. Although John Lennon is no longer as with other Beatle members are, his music will never be forgotten. His songs continue to inspire many and grace the radio waves often. This small list of world class songs are a fraction of John Lennon’s trademark collection. Keep in mind that the meanings of the songs are based off the artist’s views, and others may conceive different meanings, like in all art.